The Best Laser Level For Hanging Pictures

The Best Laser Level For Hanging Pictures

Picture hanging can be a daunting task. You want to make sure that your pictures are hung evenly and look professional. This is where a laser level comes in handy!

There are many different laser levels on the market, so it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. This blog post will discuss the different types of picture-hanging laser levels and help you decide which one is best for your needs.

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Bosch GLL 1 P Combination Laser Level Review

Huepar Green Laser Level Review

Black & Decker BDL190S BullsEye Review

Hammerhead HLCL001 Laser Level Review

Different Types of Laser Level

1. Bosch GLL 1 P Combination Laser Level Review

You can start building your wall picture gallery right away. You’ll need this laser level to ensure that your frames are straight and level. This tool will help you do that perfectly.

You can start hanging your beautiful memories on your wall today! Look at the great buyer reviews and find more details on Amazon.

This laser projector is easy to use and can be used for many different applications. It has a compact design and is excellent for projects that need a bright, single-line laser.

This hand-held level is easy to grip and has a quick and easy alignment. It also comes with different attachments for mounting.

Features and specs of the Bosch GLL

Here, we have a simple-to-use laser device that can be used vertically, horizontally, or angularly. It has a good grip and is easy to get to the battery compartment. This item comes with batteries.

  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AAA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 5.4 x 11.1 x 2.5 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ Two Years
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±3/16 In at 30 Ft
  • Working Distance: ☛16 Ft. (Line) 65 Ft. (Point)
  • Weight: ☛ 8.8 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ Two built-in bubble vials, which provides for more accurate leveling

What do people say about it?

This product is easy to use because it doesn’t have a lot of adjustments.

This product has primarily positive reviews. However, as is always the case with products, there are some complaints.

2. Hepar Green Laser Level Review

This laser level has a green laser beam that makes it easier to see the lines it draws on your walls during the day. This is helpful because the lines are at least twice as visible as the usual (red) laser level.

This is a Fantastic laser tool that can be used for many purposes, not just hanging frames. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this tool is perfect for you!

Features and specs of the Huepar Box

This is a laser device that can be used in many ways. You can use it vertically, horizontally, and at different angles.

This product includes a handle for easy gripping and access to the battery compartment. The product also comes with batteries.

  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 5.4 x 5 x 3.3 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ Two Years
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±1/9 In, at 30 Ft
  • Working Distance: ☛(Line): 100 feet (Line with detector): 130 feet
  • Weight: ☛ 1.1 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ IP54 water/debris resistant; Green Laser Beams

What are people saying about this laser level?

This is an excellent product for the price. It is perfect for general household uses, but it won’t be as accurate or perform as professional tools. It could be considered one of the best green laser levels for home use because it is cheap and easy.

3. Black & Decker BDL190S BullsEye Review

The B&D laser is popular among DIYers and homeowners because it can double as a stud finder.

This will help you avoid a nightmare if you drill or nail a water pipe hidden behind the wall or an electric cable. It is a great multi-tool that every DIYer and interior designer should have.

Features and specs of the Huepar Box

This multi-functional laser level can help you hang pictures or shelves. It projects lines horizontally and vertically.

This level comes with batteries and a wall mount. It is designed for use in almost any situation where you need precise and accurate lines.

Keep in mind that this laser level cannot project multiple lines simultaneously. You will have to use one line at a time.

  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AAA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 4.8 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ Two Years
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±1/8 In, at 10 Ft
  • Working Distance: ☛ Up to 20 feet
  • Weight: ☛ 2 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ Can be used as a laser level and as a stud finder as well

What do people say about it?

Many people say this laser level is easy to use, and they are happy. People say it would be a good gift for husbands or handymen.

4. Hammerhead HLCL001 Laser Level Review

This laser level is not a well-known brand. Still, many people who are just starting out with home improvement or doing projects themselves are using it.

This product has gotten great reviews. You get a clamp that can be changed to fit different devices when you buy it, which is good.

Features and specs of the Huepar Box

This laser level does not come with a tripod, but it has a clamp that you can attach to a chair or table. This will help you keep your pictures level.

It’s great for doing a variety of DIY home renovation tasks, including:

  • flooring
  • tile layout
  • paneling
  • wallpapering
  • hanging pictures, of course.
  • Power Source: ☛ Battery-powered 2 X AA Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions: ☛ 2.2 x 3 x 3.4 inches
  • Warranty: ☛ 3-year limited warranty
  • Accuracy: ☛ ±1/4 inch at 30 feet
  • Working Distance: ☛ Up to 20 feet
  • Weight: ☛ 1.4 pounds
  • Special Feature ☛ Mini and portable; Self-Leveling

What do people say about it?

This product has received a lot of good reviews. But remember that you get what you pay for.

Some customers have had this product and, of course, it’s not as good as products from companies like DeWalt or Bosch.

This tool is suitable for small things, like hanging a curtain rod or shelves. It can also be used to install upper cabinets in the bathroom.

What Should I Know About Laser Levels, and Which One Should I Buy for Hanging Pictures?

So What Is a Laser Level?

A laser level is a device that uses a laser to help you make precise measurements. It will help you make sure that things are level, so you don’t have to redo anything.

If you want to buy a laser level for home use, there are some basic things you need to know. If you want to know more, you can read my other articles where I detail.

The laser level tool is more advanced than the regular bubble level. It is used by builders and contractors to verify heights, levels, and other tasks.

Is It Easy To Use?

Yes, it is very easy. You only need to press two buttons.

You will use a level to line up and level your picture frames. This will help you make sure that the frames are straight when hanging them on the wall. Ensure that the level is in line with where you want to place your pictures, and check to see if it is leveled.

The projector should be turned on to send a laser beam across the room. This will help to make sure that the projection is level.

You can make marks off the laser line or just keep the laser running and hang your frame along this line.

When Buying a Laser Level for Hanging Pictures or Shelves, What Should I Look For?

You should look for some things when buying a laser level online. Make sure that it is easy to use and has good features. Also, check the specifications to ensure that it is a good quality product.

1. Are Batteries Needed?

If you’re wondering if the batteries are included, the answer is usually yes. But there are some cases where the batteries aren’t included, which can be frustrating. For example, when you buy a laser level online, it’s best to check to see if the batteries are included. If they’re not, you might have to wait before you can use it.

2. Can the Laser Level Stick to the Wall?

A laser level that sticks to the wall will help you when doing your job. You can move around and put your nails on the wall without using a tripod. This will save you money.

Some laser levels come with a suction cup that attaches the device to the wall quickly and easily. Others come with a tripod (sometimes the tripod is sold separately, so don’t forget to ask if it’s included).

3. Is the Brand Known?

Don’t waste your money on cheap tools. If you’re not a professional, it’s a good idea to buy from known and trusted brands. Let other people try out new brands. You can always borrow or rent them if you need to.

4. The Price Tag (What I Consider a Decent Laser Level Price for This Task?)

If you are not going to use a product regularly, it is essential not to spend a lot of money on it. This is true if you are an electrician and periodically need to do ceiling work. The best laser levels for electricians might be a good idea if that’s the case for you.

Best Laser Levels

If you want to hang your pictures quickly and easily, you should use a laser level. This will prevent you from having to redo everything or being annoyed.

How do you choose the best vacuum for your needs when there are so many different types and brands?

It is important to select the finest suitable one for your profession and needs. Choosing the incorrect option might lead to high levels of annoyance and waste money on another.

This guide will give you suggestions on the best laser levels for hanging pictures without spending too much money. 

1. Tacklife SC-L01-50-feet Laser Level

The Tacklife SC-L01 has a smart pendulum leveling system. This means that the laser will automatically level itself when you press the power button. If it’s out of range, the beams will flash to alert you.

The Tacklife SC-L01 has two laser colors, red and green. This makes it good for both indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with a flexible mounting device attached to a tripod or metal surface using a magnet.

It comes with a laser level tool, a magnetic base, two AA batteries, a soft carrying case, an instruction booklet, a service card, and a 24-month service agreement as well. This product’s characteristics guarantee that you get your money’s worth. 


  • It’s appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • A sophisticated pendulum leveling system that auto-levels is included.
  • A versatile mounting device is included.
  • Easy-to-use
  • At 30 feet, projects cross lines with an accuracy of 18 inches.
  • Additional features are included.


  • Manual function lacks power
  • The outdoor function is dim

2. BLACK+DECKER BDL220S Laser Level

The BLACK+DECKER BDL220S Laser Level is a terrific alternative if you’re looking for the best laser levels for hanging pictures. It is affordable but still has professional functions that make picture-hanging easier.

A 360° rotating wall attachment for the BLACK+DECKER BDL220S projects the laser line horizontally or vertically. Two bubble vials with backlights are included with the laser to assist you in leveling any objects.

Our best value selection is the BLACK+DECKER BDL220S, which is inexpensive and has a 2-year limited warranty. This warranty makes the laser level ideal for those looking to get the most value for their money.

The BLACK+DECKER BDL220S is number two on our list because it has a smaller range and it does not have indoor and outdoor lighting functions. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Projects 360° lasers
  • Maximizes visibility and accuracy
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty


  • Smaller range
  • Only designed with indoor lighting functionality

3. Qooltek BFBA-0007 Multipurpose Laser Level

If you’re looking for the great laser light to check out, the Qooltek BFBA-0007 Multipurpose Laser Level is a good option. This laser level is made for inside applications such as hanging decorations, installing flooring, and hanging picture frames.

The Qooltek BFBA-0007 is an indoor device. It has ±2/25-inch accuracy. This means that it is very accurate when measuring walls and floors indoors.

The measuring tape on the Qooltek BFBA-0007 is 8 feet long. The linear measures on this measuring tape are in both imperial and metric units. This model also includes a backup battery, ensuring that you may continue to use your laser light level even if the original battery dies.

This level is not suited for usage in the workplace. 


  • Maximizes accuracy
  • Features an 8-foot measuring tape
  • Comes with a backup battery


  • Problematic manual leveling mode
  • Not suitable for professional uses

4. Meterk MKLL02 Laser Level

The Meterk MKLL02 Laser Level is a great choice for a laser level. It is highly accurate and has a self-leveling mode. As a result, it can be used in several circumstances.

The Meterk MKLL02 laser is very accurate, with an accuracy of ±⅛-inch at 30 feet. It also includes a self-leveling mechanism that preserves the laser precision within 4 degrees. The laser will flash continually to alert you if it is out of range. To access the self-leveling feature.

This laser level can be mounted in two different ways. Whether you want to use a magnetic bracket or buy your own tripod, it’s up to you. This will allow the laser level to move in any direction and show a red laser line across the ground. 


  • Maximizes accuracy
  • Self-leveling feature
  • Includes additional features
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Built with flimsy materials
  • Skewed lock mode

5. Johnson Level & Tool 9250 Laser Line Level

Another excellent laser level for hanging pictures is the Johnson Level & Tool 9250 Laser Line Level. This tool is highly accurate, compact, and unique because of its design.

The Johnson Level & Tool 9250 is different from the other lasers because it has a “Supersticktm” adhesive system. This system means that the laser can stick to any surface without leaving holes or marks. This makes it perfect for hands-free use.

The Johnson Level & Tool 9250 laser is a Class 2 laser accurate to ±½-inch at 20 feet. The line beam is red, which makes it great for interior uses. It also has built-in horizontal and vertical leveling lines.

The Johnson Level & Tool 9250 is likewise very small and lightweight. It’s roughly the size of a desktop mouse, so it’s convenient to carry everywhere.

The system’s disadvantages include the fact that it is not ideal for outdoor use and does not come with a handbook. 


  • Features Supersticktm adhesive system
  • Maximizes accuracy and visibility
  • Bright light for indoor use
  • Compact design


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Does not come with instructions

6. Wokeline 3CG Laser Level

If you’re looking for a rechargeable laser level, the Wokeline 3CG Laser Level is a good option. This laser is cutting-edge and ideal for professional use. It offers some of the most accurate and visible beams on this list.

The Wokeline 3CG is unique because it has a complete layout with three 360° lasers: one 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical planes. This permits the level to encompass all of the room’s floors, walls, and ceilings. You may even switch the horizontal and vertical laser lines, allowing you to choose the direction you wish to go.

It has a sophisticated pendulum system that automatically levels the model. This ensures that it is extremely precise both indoors and out. It’s manufactured with four times brighter green laser beams than ordinary red ones. However, keep in mind that this laser is pricey. 


  • Full layout
  • Covers the entire room
  • Adjustable
  • Features a smart pendulum system
  • Maximizes accuracy and visibility


  • Expensive
  • Instructions unclear

7. SKIL LL932301 Self-Leveling Red Cross Line Laser

Another great laser level for hanging photos is the SKIL LL932301 Self-Leveling Red Cross Line Laser. This laser features self-leveling, intuitive designs, and highly projected lines. Because of these characteristics, it’s ideal for hanging images indoors.

On surfaces, the SKIL LL932301 projected red horizontal and vertical lines. It even has a self-leveling mechanism that eliminates the need for guesswork. Furthermore, the level includes indicators that indicate when your lines aren’t level.

It has several good characteristics as well as some drawbacks. One downside is that it can’t be used for large rooms or outdoor purposes. Another downside is that the line becomes fuzzy after about 20-feet, making it difficult to use. 


  • Horizontal and vertical lines are projected.
  • A self-leveling system is included.
  • Some indications tell you when the lines aren’t level.


  • Not recommended for large projects or use outside.
  • At and above 20 feet, the beam becomes hazy. It is not equipped with any further functions.

8. Ryobi ELL1002 Air Grip Compact Laser Level

One of the smallest and most practical devices on this list is the Ryobi ELL1002 Air Grip Compact Laser Level. It is perfect for on-the-go jobs because it weighs only 5.6 ounces. The model also has an AAA-powered miniature air compressor that allows the laser to suction onto walls as it projects lines. It has a range of 30 feet.

It has some good features. One disadvantage is that you must use the suction feature to utilize the light, which can be annoying if you need it right away.

The Ryobi ELL1002 has a suction function that makes it very noisy. Although this has no effect on the laser’s effectiveness, it may make it difficult to utilize this model in the early mornings or late at night. 


  • Compact design
  • Great for hand-free purposes


  • Must use vacuum function to use light
  • Noisy
  • Vacuum function drains batteries

9. CO-Z Laser Level

The CO-Z Laser Level is the last laser on our list. This laser is highly accurate because it has an auto-leveling function. It can reach up to 98 feet and is accurate within ±3/64 inches from 16.4 feet away. Additionally, this laser has a brighter green laser than red lasers, making it more visible and stable.

It has both good and bad features. At around 25 feet, the laser becomes hazy because the level is off by about half an inch. Furthermore, this laser level is a little large, which may not be the greatest choice if you only plan to use it for hanging pictures regularly.

Another disadvantage of the CO-Z Laser Level is mounting and adjusting the bracket. For individuals new to mounting laser levels, this makes it difficult to use. 


  • Includes a green laser


  • Accuracy is slightly off
  • Bulky for hanging pictures
  • Difficult to use and adjust the mounting bracket

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Level To Hang Pictures

Do You Need a Tripod for a Laser Level?

You don’t need to buy a special laser level tripod. Most laser levels either have a threaded hole that can work with any standard camera tripod, or they come with a detachable base attached to a standard tripod.

How Do You Hang Pictures on Bunnings?

Pictures are more stable when hung on two hooks instead of one. To make sure the hooks are in the right spot:

  1. Make two marks on the back of the picture at the same distance from the sides.
  2. Make sure the picture is held up on a wire at those marks.
  3. Measure how far from the top of the frame to those marks.

It’s here where you should put your hooks.

What Is Cross-Line Laser Level?

A multi-line laser level is a tool with at least one horizontal and one vertical laser line. These lines intersect to produce a wall cross. Some cross-line lasers have more than one cross, depending on how many vertical lines and the fan angle of the horizontal.

How Far Should a Curtain Rod Extend Past the Window?

You should usually have the drapes open during the day. Make sure that the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window’s inside frame. To make the window look wider, extend the rod up to 10 inches beyond the window’s frame.

Are Our Laser Levels Worth It?

Laser levels are an excellent tool for DIY projects and professional work. They are usually very accurate, which can save time on long projects. The setup is also quick and consistent, so it is easy to use.

What Is a Self-Leveling Laser?

A self-leveling laser is a tool that uses a pendulum system and an internal magnet to ensure it gives accurate readings of level, regardless of the surrounding area. Depending on the laser being used, it may project vertical and horizontal lines or a single dot onto a wall or other surface.

Can You Use a Laser Level to Hang Pictures?

The Tacklife SC-L01 laser level is designed for indoor use. It has a self-leveling red laser that is best in low-light situations. We have created this cross-line laser level to help you hang pictures by mounting them on its magnetic tripod or using it directly.

What Is a Cross Line Laser Level?

A crossline laser level can produce a horizontal and vertical laser line simultaneously. This makes aligning the horizontal and vertical coordinates of your project a breeze.

Should All Pictures Be Hung at the Same Height?

If you use the 57-inch rule to hang all of your images, the centers of all of your frames will be the same height, even if your collection includes pieces of various heights.

How High Should Pictures Be Hung Above Sofa?

When you are hanging artwork or a frame over a couch, it is important to hang it low enough to enjoy it when you are sitting down. The bottom of the artwork or frame should be 8″ to 10″ above the back of the couch.

How Far Apart Should 2 Pictures Be Hung?

You should hang art at a distance of 3 to 6 inches apart. The average height is 57 inches, but use that measurement when hanging art if your eye level is different. Every scenario is different, so make sure you love the way your art is displayed in the end.

Are Laser Levels Worth It?

Laser levels are a great tool to have for projects. They are very accurate and help you complete a project quickly and easily.

What Is a Self-Leveling Laser?

A self-leveling laser is an internal magnet and a pendulum system. The two mechanisms operate together to keep the laser level on the ground or on the floor, no matter where it is. Depending on the laser, vertical and horizontal lines or a single dot may be projected against a wall or feature.

Can You Angle a Laser Level Up?

You can use this laser to project two very bright lines that are perfectly level and plumb. The Cross-line laser will also self-level and indicate out-of-level conditions. However, it has a manual mode that locks the line for use at any angle.