The Best Digital Protractors

The Best Digital Protractors

A digital protractor is a tool that is essential for all levels of carpentry. It can help measure angles more accurately than other methods. This tool is also known as an angle finder or angle gauge. It is beneficial for both professional and hobbyist wood artisans.

The ones we used in geometry class are not the same as the digital ones. A geometry protractor is a tool used to measure angles on paper. But carpentry digital protractors can measure angles on three-dimensional objects. It means they can go inside or outside of the particular angle. But they are more like a gauge than a measurement device because they don’t have a way to tell you the angle.

These digital protractors or angle finders are similar to simpler models. They have a digital display that measures and displays the leg angles. It makes it easier to measure the angle of the protractor and takes less time. For general woodworking, cabinet making, furniture making, and carpentry, digital protractors can measure angles much more accurately.

There are many different types of digital protractors. The longer ones are easier to use and measure accurately. But the shorter ones might be better for some kinds of work, like furniture making.

A digital protractor is more accurate than a regular protractor. It is because it has a greater level of precision. However, even though most digital protractors are the same, it’s essential to consider the price. A cheap unit might not be as accurate as a more expensive one because its legs might not be made of metal but plastic. It could lead to wrong results in the long run.

We have reviewed seven digital protractors in this article. We’ve also written a guide for buyers to help you learn more about these tools. After reading the manual, you can choose the best digital protractor for your needs.

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BOSCH 4-in-1 Digital Protractor

General Tools 822 Digital Angle Finder Ruler

AccuRemote Digital Magnetic Angle Gauge Protractor

STARRETT CP505E-12 Electronic Combination Protractor

Top 8 Best Digital Protractors Reviewed

The Bosch GAM 220MF is made to be flexible, durable, precise, and accurate. Because it combines four of the most commonly used tools, this one is an excellent addition to your arsenal.

It can be used as a protractor, an angle finder, a level, and a metric calculator. It is helpful because it can be used for many things.

This digital protractor is high-quality and protected from water and dust with IP54 protection.

The Bosch GAM 220MF accurately measures angles between 0 and 220. The size of the angle is shown on the LCD screen, which can be seen in any light. This tool has a limited range of measurement angles, but it can compensate for this by adding additional functions.

Angle memory is a feature that helps you work with the angle finder. It makes it easier to transfer angles accurately using measurements. The 16-inch leg extension also makes it easier to measure areas that are small or hard to get to.


  • It is a 4-in-1 angle finder that can be used in many different ways.
  • Splash and self-dust protection are built-in.
  • A display that is lit up makes it easy to see measurements.
  • Aluminum is used to protect against impacts.
  • Measurements can be stored in the memory.


  • none

The General Tools Digital Protractor is a durable and affordable tool that can measure accurately. It has a wide range of measurements, making it perfect for various projects.

The measurements will be easy to read on the big LED screen. You can lock angles to make them more accurate and make it easier to move angles from one surface to another. It will help you with your work.

The General Tools digital protractor is a handy tool for simple projects. The 5-inch ruler is accurate and can measure angles in 360 degrees. It is a valuable tool for any wood-related projects you may undertake.

The stainless steel ruler has a nostalgic feeling because it is like rulers from the past. The plastic holder also looks like a material used for building houses.


  • Accurately measures angles up to 360°; includes buttons to save measurements and reverse angles
  • Made of tough materials that can be used in a variety of ways.
  • The LCD screen gives a clear picture.
  • The locking system is simple to use and allows for manual measurement storage.
  • Very affordable price, no additional cost


  • The ruler length is shorter for specific applications.

The AccuRemote Digital Angle Gauge is made of strong plastic that doesn’t break easily if it gets damaged.

The tool has three magnetic surfaces that make it possible to stick it to metal. This way, the tool will stay in one place and not damage anything when it is not used.

The digital protractor is versatile because it can be used for different functions on a project. It has a range of angles from 0 to 360 degrees (4 times 90 degrees).

The large LCD screen on the AccuRemote protractor makes it easy to read angles. It can be flipped to let you read angles in any direction.

The zero function can use any surface as your reference point. This function can help you figure out angles between two points. You can also hold it in any position and show it off. It makes it easy to move angles between surfaces.


  • Very precise
  • Multipurpose tool
  • Powerful Magnets embedded for easy use
  • Reversible LCD screen
  • Durable
  • It can be used as a bevel gauge


  • Not weatherproof
  • Not great for measuring small places

Starrett has been making quality measurement equipment for a long time. This protractor is perfect for both contractors and woodworkers. It is one of the best protractors in terms of quality.

There are several modes to the protractor. The mode can be changed using a three-button control. The buttons are used to control the miter mode. There is also a single-cut mode that cuts joints. The bubbles help you measure angles off of a plane. The 360-degree swing lets you measure all angles.


  • Aluminum Electronic Combination
  • Large LCD
  • Easy to use with just three buttons
  • The length of 12 inches makes it easier to measure bigger things.
  • For very accurate calculations, use the single cut mode.


  • Little expensive

The AccuMaster 7434 is a top-of-the-line digital protractor that is precise and durable. The digital protractor is IP54 certified, meaning it is water and dust-resistant. It can withstand harsh work conditions.

The magnets on the base attach to metal blades easily so you can use them while you work.

This tool has multiple purposes. You can use it as a protractor or a level, depending on what you need it for. It makes it good for many different projects.

The large TM display is bright so that you can see it easily. If you flip or tilt the protractor, the display will invert, making it easy to read from any angle.

This tool makes it easy to measure angles from any surface. Set the angle to 0 degrees as your reference point, then measure it.


  • Multifunctional
  • Backlit StayGlow display
  • Measures both miter cut scale and bevel angles
  • Water and dust resistance with IP54 rating
  • Conversion of the absolute and relative angle
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Compact design
  • Longer warranty


  • Not very sturdy

The iGaging digital protractor is made with stainless steel blades. It makes it durable and capable of withstanding challenging conditions. It can be used in many places because of this.

The ruler’s 4″ or 7″ handle can be chosen depending on your preference. The ruler can also act as a protractor to measure angles and lengths. The graduated handles make it easy to use as a protractor. The 7-inch blade is perfect for measuring angles in difficult places.

The large LCD screen makes it easier for quick and accurate readings. The LCD screen can be reversed so you can read it from different angles when your protractor is inverted.

The protractor can measure angles from 0 to 360 degrees. It makes it easy to measure angles both inside and outside. It also has a blade lock that holds the angle in place, making it easy to transfer measurements between different surfaces.


  • It has a blade lock feature
  • Blades of stainless steel are durable
  • Very accurate reading
  • It comes with an extra battery


  • Sharp edges could potentially injure you.

The Percival Protractor is easy to use. There are two buttons on it- one for turning it on and off, and the other for resetting it. This angle finder is really energy efficient. One CR2032 lithium battery can power it for more than 20,000 hours. After 6 minutes, the protractor turns off by itself to save the battery.

This ruler can measure angles up to 999.9 degrees in both imperial and metric scales. The measurement is easy to see on the big LCD screen. Before moving the tool, you can stop the value on the screen by pressing the hold button.


  • Has versatile usage
  • The battery can keep going for more than 20,000 hours.
  • The power button is very easy to use.
  • Large LCDs make it simple to view numbers and measurements.
  • It has a screw that keeps it at an angle.


  • With both imperial and metric scales, it can be hard to understand how to measure.

Digi-Pas is a top digital protractor manufacturer making precision digital protractors for engineering, trade experts, and DIY enthusiasts. With a Digi-Pas digital protractor, you can measure angles mechanically, electrically, and numerically in all directions around a circle, no matter how sharp or sharp the angle is.

You can use a digital protractor to measure the angles of 3d printing beds, tables, patios, staircases, and roofs. Digi-Pas levels are easy to use. If you press the on/off button, you can measure the angles to the nearest decimal place. With the DWL80 line, you can find angles in areas where a higher level would be too hard to use. With the DWL80PRO, you can digitally show any angle between degrees, slope, milimeters/M, and inches/FT.

This device can measure angles with great precision- 0.05 degrees at zero and 90 degrees and 0.2 degrees at other angles. The magnetic bottom makes it easy to mount on metal surfaces, and the LCD will stay frozen when the hold feature is used. It has a long-lasting battery and an automated three-minute power-off timeout. Plus, it comes with vials built into the impact-resistant ABS plastic case.

The Digitas DWL-80EPRO is a very advanced pocket-sized digital protractor. It has a resolution of .05 degrees and a unique feature called Alternate Zero that makes it easy to take measurements in difficult-to-reach places. The magnet base also makes it simple to mount on metal surfaces.

This device has a 3-minute automatic shut-off feature that saves battery life. Digi-Pas has been making digital levels for over a generation. They offer various digital protractors that vary in accuracy and efficiency.

For its MEMS-based technology, the Digitas digital protractor has received numerous patents. This technology makes it a viable substitute for spirit levels. The DWL80PRO is used by many of the world’s most advanced businesses, research facilities, and government agencies.

If there is a problem with your Digi-Pas digital protractor, we will fix or replace it for free within the first 18 months after purchase.


  • Precise and accurate
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • 18-month Warranty
  • Four measuring unit


  • A bit pricey

How to use a digital protractor?

Two types of measurement modes are available on a digital protractor:

  1. Horizontal measurement mode
  2. Relative measurement mode
  3. Horizontal measurement mode

The Horizontal measurement Mode measures the angle from horizontal surfaces accurately. It is done in two steps.

  1. First, ensure that you are in horizontal measuring mode.
  2. Second, place the digital protractor on the angle. The digital display shows an angle. The angle begins on the “horizontal plane.”
  3. Relative measurement mode

‘Relative measurement mode’ lets you use any surface to measure things. You do this by using three steps.

  1. Position the digital angle finder at the angle to be measured.
  2. Reset the angle to 0 degrees by pressing the zero button.
  3. Place the digital protractor on the angle to be measured in the third step. Displays the angle between “Step 1,” the first angle, and the second angle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Protractors

What Is a Digital Protractor?

The Digital Protractor is a tool that tells you how many degrees something is in any direction. It uses liquid and special circuits to measure things accurately and keep them stable.

Are Digital Angle Finders Worth It?

Angle finders that are digital are very accurate. There may be a little difference in their accuracy. Still, if you look carefully, you can find one accurate to +/- 0.1 degrees. The accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees is also good enough for use in the home.

What Is the Most Accurate Digital Angle Gauge?

It is an excellent tool for measuring angles. It’s easy to use and works well. You can use it to figure out the angles of existing things.

Is It Vernier Scale on Bevel Protractor?

This vernier scale helps to measure angles more accurately. Each division is 5 minutes long, with 12 on each side of the zero. It makes it possible to get a more accurate measurement.