The Definitive Digital Micrometer Buying Guide

The Definitive Digital Micrometer Buying Guide

Suppose you’re looking for an accurate and precise way to measure small objects. In that case, a digital micrometer is a perfect tool for you. This buying guide will discuss the different features of digital micrometers and help you decide which one is right for your needs. We’ll also provide tips on choosing the best digital micrometer for your business. Learn more about digital micrometers for hobbyists and professionals alike in the following paragraphs.

Digital Micrometer Buying Tips

A digital micrometer is a tool used to measure things very precisely. It has many applications in manufacturing, from inspecting products on a production line to making measurements on medical products.

This versatile precision measurement tool has many advantages over the simple mechanical micrometer. The basic mechanical micrometer has not changed since the 1700s, so it is time to upgrade!

Advantages of the Digital Micrometer

  • Non-rotating spindle
  • Availability of speedy spindles can be up to 20 times faster than the conventional mechanical style.
  • The wider range available to accommodate more measurements
  • IP54, IP65, and IP67 dust/water protection for real-world conditions
  • High precision capabilities: .00005″ resolution
  • SPC data output connections
  • Adjustable measuring force mechanism to accommodate various kinds of work materials
  • The measurement-value hold function automatically retains the data at a specified force
  • The digital display helps eliminate operator error, such as confusing thimble lines
  • Easy inch/metric conversion

Precision digital micrometers, such as the Mitutoyo MDH series 293, are very precise tools that allow you to measure very small things. They can measure things in the range of .000005″. You need to use a micrometer stand and heat shield to ensure correct measurement.

Other Styles of Digital Micrometers

Many production lines and inspection departments use custom digital micrometers to precisely measure things. This is because they need to measure things in a specific way that the regular micrometers can’t. By installing a micrometer head in a custom fixture or other jig, nearly any measurement can be taken.

Types of Digital Micrometers

  • Blade micrometers measure the diameter of grooves on shafts or other narrow features.
  • Disc micrometers are used when there is a need to have a lot of space between the measured object and the micrometer frame.
  • Spherical face micrometers measure the thickness of curved parts or the thickness of pipe walls.
  • A screw thread micrometer has interchangeable anvils, which can check the pitch diameter of threaded parts.
  • Point micrometers are used to measure the thickness of web drills, small grooves, and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Spline micrometers have a smaller diameter to measure the minor diameter of splines, slots, and keyways.
  • Tubing micrometers are used to measure the thickness of pipe and tubing walls. They are available with either spherical or cylindrical anvils.
  • Deep throat micrometers measure the thickness of paper, sheet metal, or plastics.
  • Uni-mikes or step-mikes can be used to measure the depth of objects. They are useful for checking steps and other features.


A digital micrometer is a very important tool used in many industries today. It is used in mold making, tool-and-die, aerospace, automobile, medical and electronic industries.

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What Are the 3 Types of Micrometer?

Outside, inside, and depth micrometers are the three main types of micrometers. The thickness of an object can be measured from the outside using an outside micrometer. The thickness of an object can be measured from the inside out using an inside micrometer. The scale of a micrometer.

Are Accusize Micrometers Good?

My micrometers were all very accurate. I tested them by using accurate gauge blocks and adjusting them to feel the same each time. They were accurate to within one-tenth of a millimeter.

Where Are Mitutoyo Micrometers Made?

Mitutoyo is a Japanese company that makes tools. Some of their tools are made in Brazil, but all caliper products are made in Japan.

How Are Micrometers Used in Real Life?

Micrometers are used to measure the dimensions of objects very accurately. They are commonly used in laboratories. Micrometers are common equipment used across science and engineering that allow for accurate object dimensions measurements.

What Is a Metre Rule?

A meter ruler is a tool that measures the length of things. It has a length of one meter, equal to one hundred centimeters.

What Is the Digital Micrometer?

The digital micrometer is the latest invention in micrometer technology. It can take very accurate measurements; most can measure to 0.0005 inches and 0.001mm. This tool is perfect for precise measurements that are needed in a variety of industries.

What Is Graduation in a Micrometer?

The micrometer has a standard scale that can be read to 0.01mm. The thimble scale can also be read to 0.01mm, but it might be easier to estimate it to 0.001mm because the line thickness is 1/5 of the spacing between them.

Are Moore and Wright’s Tools Made in China?

Moore & Wright products are made in the Far East, but some are still made in the UK. You can find good condition tools at second-hand stores.

For more information about how to use the micrometer, visit this website.