The Best Fluke Multimeter for Every Situation

The Best Fluke Multimeter for Every Situation

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Fluke 115 Compact Digital Multimeter

Fluke 179 ESFP True-RMS Multimeter

Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter

Top 10 Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews 2021

If you have never used a Fluke multimeter, or don’t know which one to pick for your job, keep reading our review. This article will recommend the best budget Fluke multimeter for you based on your needs.

We’ve picked the best Fluke digital multimeters for different purposes.

Fluke 115 Compact Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 115 True RMS multimeter is an excellent tool for general electrical and electronic test needs. It’s easy to operate, compact, and portable. Even though it is sold at a great price, the device offers accurate results; it’s user-friendly and perfectly fits your hand. In addition, the gadget is durably created to withstand anything that’s thrown at it. The Fluke 115 is an ideal fluke multimeter for home use.

The Fluke 115 showcases an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle. It also comes with a durable case that protects the circuit board from everyday wear and tear. The 600-count screen shows clear icons, easy-to-read digits, and a responsive graph. So, both beginners and professionals will find it easy to use. Additionally, it has a rotary input selector dial that is small and allows operation with the thumb.

Some exceptional features of the Fluke 115 True RMS tool are the backlight, which enables the user to see what they’re doing in dark areas and that it is safe to use in CAT III 600V environments.

Fluke 179 ESFP True-RMS Multimeter

The Fluke 179 multimeter is an excellent choice for industrial and home use because it is accurate, reliable, and easy to use. This DMM has all the features you need to troubleshoot and repair electrical and electrical systems. It’s the best Fluke multimeter for industrial purposes.

The Fluke 179 is the best multimeter in the 170 series. It has great specs and is very durable. In addition, it has a digital display with an analog bar graph and built-in temperature measurements. This device can measure frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity, and diodes.

If you work in a loud, messy, and high-energy place, this multimeter will be perfect for you. It is safe to use in environments with up to 600V of electricity. And it always gives accurate results because it is a True RMS DMM.

Fluke’s lifetime warranty also backs this product. If there’s an issue with the artistry or the materials used in making this product, you can always have it repaired or replaced.

Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Do you need a good clamp meter? If so, buy the Fluke 323 Clamp Meter. This meter is slim and ergonomic, specially designed to be tough and reliable. It’s also built to last and can be used in environments with up to 300V of electricity or 600V of voltage. So whatever problem you’re trying to solve, you can use this meter to get the job done.

The Fluke 323 DMM is a good multimeter for troubleshooting residential and commercial issues. It can measure current up to 400 A in tight cable compartments and measure voltage up to 600V AC and DC. This is a great multimeter for tight spaces with its True RMS measurements and ergonomic design.

The True RMS AC voltage and current offer precise measurements when reading linear or non-linear signal loads, no matter the waveform – Other functions of this multimeter include checking DC range, contact temperature, and frequency.

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter

If you’re looking for a digital multimeter for home use or simple electrical needs, the Fluke 101 basic digital multimeter would be a good option. This multimeter is suitable for normal voltage, continuity, and resistance measurements.

The Fluke multimeter could measure frequency and capacitance, even though it does not come with amps or milliamps ranges. It’s the best fluke multimeter for beginners.

This Fluke multimeter is different from other high-end Fluke multimeters. It is made in China, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good quality product or that it doesn’t meet safety ratings. This multimeter feels like a high-end Fluke DMM, and it has a CAT III 600V safety rating. It is also easy to use because it has a dial selector, and you can use just one hand to operate it.

The Fluke 101 is a less expensive option that still offers accurate measurements. The 6000-count resolution makes it easy to scan the results. However, it can be difficult to see the screen in poorly lit areas.

Fluke 117 Electricians True-RMS Multimeter

The Fluke 117 True RMS multimeter is good for commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals. It is accurate and can be used by electricians all over the world. It doesn’t have any false readings and comes with a non-contact voltage detector and AutoV/LoZ function. The device is compact and easy to handle. It’s made well and will last for many years. If you’re looking for a good multimeter for electronics, buy this one.

The Fluke 117 multimeter offers MIN/MAX/Average readings. In addition, it is capable of measuring frequency and capacitance. This multimeter is easy to operate with just one hand. The large white LED backlight ensures you read results even in dark or poorly lit areas.

The DMM is rated CAT III 600 V for safety. You don’t have to worry, so continue with the various measurements. The Fluke 117 will help you transfer from one job to another quickly and easily.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 87-V industrial digital multimeter is among the most popular and well-known units. It is often referred to as the “industry standard.” This multimeter is built for durability and is very accurate. If you need to solve problems quickly and accurately, this is the ideal digital multimeter for you. The Fluke Industrial multimeter provides precise and advanced troubleshooting.

This is the ideal fluke multimeter for automotive use. It is perfect for measuring precise voltage and frequency on adjustable speed motor drives and electrically noisy equipment.

The multimeter is built to be strong and survives technicians’ tough conditions. With its backlight display, you’ll be able to see results even in dark or poorly lit areas. Plus, the Fluke 87 V has a built-in thermometer that allows you to measure temperature readings without having to carry a separate tool.

This multimeter has a CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V safety rating. This means that you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong while you are using it. The True RMS function also ensures that your results are accurate in every test you conduct.

Fluke 287 Stand Alone Logging Multimeter

If you’re looking for an efficient multimeter that can do a lot of different things, the Fluke 287 True RMS digital multimeter is a good choice. This handheld device is made to help with complex tasks like power distribution, electronics, and plant automation. It can also help you document how something was working and show you what happened graphically so you can fix the problem quickly.

This high-quality and durable electronics logging multimeter functions with the Fluke Connect mobile app. With the Fluke Connect system, you can gather live measurements and securely share them with your colleagues.

The 50,000 count ¼ VGA dot matrix display with white backlight on this multimeter makes it possible to see very clear images. Additionally, the user can zoom in up to 14 times to see and analyze data without the help of a PC.

The data logging function allows you to look at the measurements whenever you want. You can look at up to 10,000 recorded events and logged readings on the device itself.

Best Fluke Multimeter – 289 Stand Alone Logging

The Fluke 289 True RMS stand-alone multimeter resembles the Fluke 287 digital multimeter, but it has a few more advanced features. That’s why this model is a little more expensive than the Fluke 287. This multimeter comes with an outstanding large 50 000 count ¼ VGA display with a white backlight for easy and fast viewing of results. But it can store up to 15 000 recorded events, compared to the 10 000 events stored by the Fluke 287.

This multimeter is very durable. It is made of strong plastic and can resist dust and water. The Fluke 289 True RMS Logging multimeter equipped with Trend Capture quickly documents design performance and shows what happened graphically.

If you need more accurate measurements, this digital fluke multimeter will be a good tool for you.

Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

If you’re looking for a high-quality, accurate, and reliable digital multimeter that is also affordable, the Fluke 116 HVAC multimeter is an excellent choice. This gadget is compact and simple, but it’s more suited for HVAC electricians as it features all the essential tools required for troubleshooting heating and cooling faults.

Like all other Fluke multimeters, the Fluke 116 DMM is built to last. It is made in China, but it still works well. The device is run by one 9V battery that lets the user work for 300 to 400 hours. The 600-count display with a clear bar graph is easy to read and understand results. The unit is simple to operate with a dial, buttons, and an ergonomic design.

The gadget has the default setting of auto-ranging, which means that it will find the best possible resolution for the current signal. This is an excellent tool for HVAC electricians, but it can also be used for other purposes.

Fluke 1587 FC 2-in-1 Insulation Multimeter

The Fluke 1587 FC 2-in-1 insulation multimeter is a great choice for professionals. It combines two devices into one, making it an extremely versatile tool. Plus, it features Fluke’s high-quality performance standards. If you’re looking for the best fluke multimeter on the market, then this is it.

The Fluke 1587 FC insulation multimeter is a great choice for people who work with cables, motors, or generators. It is built tough and is very reliable. It is also easy to use.

The Fluke Connect enabled 1587 FC lets you test wirelessly whenever and however you want. The tool is connected to the Fluke Connect free mobile app on your iOS or Android device, which lets you share live measurements, monitor readings from a distance, and complete your job more easily. The wireless DMM works as the mobile hub, which shows readings from up to 3-meter modules devices simultaneously from up to a distance of 20 minutes.

Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews

Are you looking for a trustworthy digital multimeter? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing a Fluke multimeter. Fluke is a well-known brand of high-quality and dependable multimeters. You may also find other brands of multimeters, like Klein, Craftsman, Mastech, etc. But Fluke Multimeters are more.

Fluke’s digital multimeters are accurate and have a CAT III 600V rating or higher. They are also polished and safe. They are durably built to last and can resist physical abuse, dust, and water.

Multimeters can be confusing at first because they look all the same. But they have a lot of different modes and options. Professionals and DIYers can use them easily once they figure out the controls.

Fluke 77-4

Looking for something that is industrial and has high capacitance/resistance? We have you covered! The 4th name on our list of the ideal fluke multimeter for electrician review is the 77-4 Fluke Industrial Multimeter!

The Fluke 77-4 Industrial Digital Multimeter is a new multimeter from the Fluke brand. It is designed for use with cars and other vehicles, but it is also very efficient and versatile. This means that it can do more than just measure things in the automotive world.

This is one of the larger pieces on our list of the best cheap fluke multimeter for electronics review.

The 77-4 fluke industrial multimeter is a great tool because it has a wider body, longer length, and a larger screen. It’s also simple because it can accurately measure ac/dc voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance, duty cycle, pulse width, and non-linear signals.

By allowing you to utilize it manually or automatically, this test tools package gives you the best of both worlds. This makes testing easier and faster, which is great! It also has lower/higher signal variations and changes, giving you tiny details. Plus, the Fluke 77-4 multimeter has a frame with a stand that lets you place it on flat surfaces for a hand-free user experience!

This digital multimeter is perfect for most repair works and basic electronic works. But the best part is its long battery life which will last as long as your task!


  • Very large screen
  • Saves data for later reference
  • Easy to use; comprehensive
  • Safety assessed
  • Has power-save mode
  • Automatic ranging capabilities
  • Long battery life
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Has fuse
  • Stands on its own; hands-free use
  • Great customer support from fluke sales expert


  • Struggles on power circuits
  • No CAT IV safety rating
  • Fluke Connect is not available outside of the USA
  • There is no actual RMS in this product (something we expected for the price range)

Fluke 15B+

The Fluke 15B+ digital multimeter is a powerful, affordable, lightweight, and compact tool. It can be used with one hand, perfecting it for single-handed use.

This is a good multimeter. It has a strong build and is easy to use, just like other Fluke products. It has a big screen and lots of features for testing things like voltage, low input impedance, continuity, resistance, and capacitance. Plus, it can also test diodes. This multimeter also has a data hold feature that saves the last test results, so you don’t have to write them down by hand.

This Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter is perfect for learners. It is simple and easy to use, yet powerful and accurate. It also has a Cat iii 600 v safety rating, ensuring that it meets your quality and safety standards.


  • It’s small and light, and it’s portable and easy to use with just one hand.
  • Get accurate diode testing, frequency, and capacitance readings on noisy equipment.
  • Backlit LED display
  • Data and information are saved.
  • It’s been deemed safe.
  • Automatically shuts down


  • Resolution of 4000 counts and lack of CAT IV safety rating
  • Fluke Connect is only accessible in the United States.
  • Our warranty isn’t honored in a few South Asian countries.

Fluke 113

The Fluke 113 True-RMS Multimeter is perfect for testing a lot of different electrical factors. It can measure voltage, capacitance, and continuity. It can also measure frequency, capacitance, pulse width, and test diodes. What’s really great about this multimeter is that it simultaneously tests for voltage and current/continuity. This way, you don’t have to test each separately.

The Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter is easy to use and fast. You can choose to use manual ranging or auto-ranging.

The Fluke 113 insulation multimeter is precise and accurate because it uses True RMS. This means it considers the electrical noise present in all circuits, ensuring that your readings are always as accurate as possible.

This insulation multimeter is perfect for measuring linear or non-linear loads. It is accurate and can be used on various everyday items, like medical machines, batteries, and wires.

This high-quality multimeter is designed for simplicity and efficiency. It has a large LCD screen with 6,000 counts. Additionally, it features a grade III to cat iii 600 v safety rating and a Category IV to 300V safety rating.


  • Single-handed operation; compact and portable
  • CAT III 600V safety approved, easily readable backlit display
  • Precise readings; genuine RMS
  • Auto and manual transmissions are available
  • True RMS provides accurate voltage, current, and resistance measurements
  • In the hands, it feels tough and solid, as though it could resist a lot of abuse.
  • Voltage, resistance, continuity, and frequency will all be checked simultaneously.


  • Voltage readings that are frequently ghosted

Fluke 17B+

The FLUKE 17B+ Digital Multimeter is better than the FLUKE 15B+ Digital Multimeter. The FLUKE 17B+ can do everything the FLUKE 15B+ can do and more!

The 17B+ Digital Multimeter can measure how much something weighs, how often something happens, or how big something is. But it can also do other things that make it a good choice for measuring things. It can measure temperatures, and it has an auto-ranging feature, so you don’t have to guess what the right range is while testing something.

The construction of this tool is good. It is well-built and nicely constructed. It has a good hand feel, and it is lightweight and compact enough to use with one hand. It is also possible to use it with gloves on. Another great feature is the large LED backlight that turns off automatically. Our favorite feature is the leg-stand that allows the device to stand on flat surfaces, great for hands-free usage.

A 17B+ Fluke Digital Multimeter is good for both HVAC and utility purposes. It is simple, compact, and gives accurate measurements. That’s why it is a crowd favorite!


  • It’s small and light, with an ergonomic design that allows it to be controlled with one hand while wearing gloves.
  • With a backlight, a large LCD screen is available.
  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • It has a rear stand, so you may use it without holding it.
  • Auto-ranging
  • Temperatures are recorded.
  • A 4mm silicone test lead set, alligator clips, a user manual, a magnetic hanger, and a carrying box are included in the package.


  • Chinese manual and instruction manual
  • 4000 count resolution
  • No CAT IV safety rating
  • Fluke Connect is not available outside of the USA
  • Lower precision from low count resolution
  • Warranty is not honored in the US

Fluke 1507

The Fluke 1507 Digital Megohmmeter Insulation Tester is safe to use. It has a CAT IV 600V safety rating. This means that it is safe for people to use. The tester also detects live circuits. This means that it will not allow you to test something if it is life. Finally, the tester has an auto-discharge of capacitive voltage feature. This means that it will discharge any voltage it finds automatically.

The multimeter comes with different accessories in the box. These include test leads, alligator clips, a remote probe, an optional holster, and 4 AA batteries. The multimeter is easy to use and understand. It is also one of the best digital multimeters on the market.

The Fluke multimeter is large, nearly 12 inches long. This makes it difficult to handle. However, it is well-made and tough, perfect for professional use. It might be expensive for a DIYer, but it has features that aren’t easy to use for the casual user of multimeters.


  • Wide range of test voltages
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Up to 1,000 insulation tests
  • Well-made for rigorous use
  • CAT IV rating


  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Bulky design

Best Fluke Multimeter Buyer’s Guide

Although Fluke is a good and reliable brand for multimeters, that doesn’t mean you should just choose any product from them. You need to do some research and compare products before making a decision. The most important thing to consider is what you will be using the multimeter for. If you are just using it for general home use, then any of their compact models will work well. If you are a professional or contractor, you might need something more heavy-duty.

Before you make a purchase, there are some important things to check.


There is a small chance that you may have to claim your fluke meter’s warranty. These multimeters come into the market after tests and laboratory calibrations. So it’s very rare that you’ll get a fault in your fluke meter. But rare does not mean that it can’t happen.

Before buying a Fluke multimeter, you should carefully read the warranty and its terms and conditions. You should be aware of one thing: the warranty’s origin. If you purchase a meter not manufactured in the United States or another country. You will not be able to get a warranty for that meter in that specific country.

When looking for a meter, try to find one with a warranty in the country where you currently live. Make sure you read the warranty’s terms and conditions thoroughly.

Features and Functions

Before selecting a product, it is important to consider if it has the features and functions you need. You should also look at reviews to see how well the product works.


Multimeters come with safety features. This includes overload protections, body protections, and other safety ratings. Make sure to read the requirements for your job before selecting a multimeter. For example, if you need a meter for CAT installations, ensure the meter has the related safety certifications.


Getting an accurate reading from a multimeter is not always easy. This is because no tool is perfect and has a margin of error. However, most high-quality multimeters are very precise in their readings. The next step is to determine which multimeter is more precise than the other. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question.

It’s not worth it to buy a cheap multimeter. These meters are bad at providing accurate results, so you’ll spend more money on maintenance in the long run. Plus, any meter that meets the required standards will cost some money.


Suppose you ever get a chance to try driving a manual car. In that case, you’ll see the difference between automatic and manual driving. It’s the same with multimeters – some come with only an automatic or manual range, while others have both options. If you’re not a trained electrician, it’s best to choose an auto-range meter to save time and effort.

Some electricians and technicians can do the job without any problems, using their skills.

How to use a Fluke Clamp meter

Fluke clamp meters are great tools that give accurate AC and DC current readings. When testing current, they are safer than digital multimeters; as with clamp meters, there is no need to break circuits to measure the amp value. Below are some simple steps to use a fluke clamp meter to measure current.

  1. First of all, disconnect the leads from the clamp meter. You don’t need to use the leads when taking current readings.
  2. After turning on the clamp meter, turn the switch dial to the function you need- either ac or dc amps.
  3. Open the clamp jaws and insert the cable or conductor inside. Close the jaws to hold it in place.
  4. Then check the readings on the LCD screen and repeat if necessary.
  5. If you have a clamp meter with a dc current function, make sure to push the zero button before doing any dc amp tests.
  6. Wait for the readings to stabilize before taking any dc measurements. Push the zero button to prepare the meter for those tests.
  7. After that, take the current test in the same way as before.

Bottom Line

It is very important to choose the right multimeter for your job. This is because you do not want an expensive multimeter with features and functions that you will not use. After going through the various Fluke DMMs, you can easily notice why Fluke is regarded as the best Multimeter brand on the market. Fluke offers high-quality multimeters that are accurate, safe, durable, reliable, easy to use, and have outstanding battery life.

Fluke should improve the display on their multimeters. Some of them are not very clear. But other than that, Fluke multimeters are great tools that every professional technician and mechanic should have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Fluke Multimeter

Is Fluke worth the money?

It’s true that you acquire what you pay for. If your need for readings is not very often and they don’t need to be very accurate, then you might want to buy a less expensive meter. But if you need frequent, highly accurate readings, then there is no better option than Fluke meters.

Is Fluke 117 good for automotive?

The Fluke 117 Electrician’s True RMS Multimeter is a well-built tool that features top-notch circuit soldering and input overload protection. It can easily detect AC or DC voltage without requiring a second tool. Additionally, its ability to accurately measure frequency, capacitance, and frequency makes it a powerful tool.

Which brand multimeter is best?

There are many different multimeter brands on the market. Fluke’s most popular brand, but some other good brands are Brymen and Amprobe.

Is Fluke better than Klein?

Both Fluke and Klein multimeters are sturdy and easy to use. However, Fluke multimeters usually have higher quality than Klein multimeters. If you want an affordable multimeter for home use, the Klein multimeter is a good choice. However, consider Fluke multimeters if you need a multimeter for industrial or professional use.

Which Fluke meter should I buy?

The Fluke 115 Field Technician’s Multimeter and the 117 Electrician’s Multimeter are both excellent tools to have when working on electronics. They are both compact and have a one-handed operation, making them perfect for field service.

What is the difference between Fluke 87 and 88?

The main difference is that the 88V does not come with True-RMS AC capability. This means that it is less accurate when measuring voltage, current, and resistance. It does have an RPM mode and also defaults to DC on the existing ranges.

What is the difference between Fluke 116 and 117?

The Fluke 116 and the Fluke 117 are both high-quality tools. However, they have different purposes. The 116 is designed for HVAC work, while the 117 is more suited for electricians.

Is HTC multimeter good?

The HTC Instrument DM-97 3 3/4 Digital Multimeter 4000 Counts is a reliable and accurate digital multimeter. It has a frequency of 0.1Hz ~ 30MHz, and the DC voltage can measure up to 1000 V while the AC voltage can measure 750 V.

What is continuity testing?

A continuity test is a quick way to check if a circuit is open or closed. Only a closed, complete circuit (one that is turned on) has continuity. During a continuity test, a digital multimeter sends a small current through the circuit to measure resistance in the circuit.

Is a Fluke Meter Worth It?

You get what you pay for. If you need readings that are only accurate sometimes, then you should buy a less expensive meter. If you need precise highly readings all the time, then the best meter to buy is a Fluke.

Which Fluke Multimeter Is Best for Electronics?

The Fluke 115 Field Technician’s Digital Multimeter and the 117 Electrician’s Multimeter are great multimeters in your workshop. They’re small and easy to use with one hand, making them ideal for field service.

Is Fluke 88 True RMS?

The only downside of the Fluke 88V over its legendary sister, the 87V, is that it can’t accurately measure non-linear AC voltage and current signals.

Do I Need a True RMS Multimeter?

Suppose you need to measure the voltage or current of AC signals that are not pure sine waves. Such as measuring the output of adjustable speed motor controls or adjustable heating controls. In that case, you need a meter that can measure “true RMS” signals.

What Is a True RMS Multimeter?

True RMS multimeters measure the voltage that is being put out. This is different from “average responding” measurements. True RMS measurements help determine how much power a resistor is being used. The power is related to the square of the true RMS voltage, no matter what the waveshape is.

To learn more information about the Basics of Electrical Testing, click here.