What’s the Best Car Battery for Cold Weather in 2023?

What’s the Best Car Battery for Cold Weather in 2023?

Is winter coming? If so, you'll need a car battery that will work in cold weather. You might be unsure whether one is ideal for your requirements and budget. In this blog post, we're going to cover all of the information you need about car batteries and what to consider when shopping around for one.

The major reason your car might not work is the battery. Conventional batteries are not made to be strong in cold weather. You can use a cold-resistant battery during the winter or even all year round. We wanted to help you with this, so we created a list of the best car batteries for winter and all seasons!

This guide is about the batteries that cars need in cold weather. You can learn everything you need to know about them before buying one.

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Why Do Batteries Get Depleted During the Winter?

During the cold weather, automobiles frequently fail to operate. This could be the case since it's too cold outside for them to begin. Before winter starts, it's good to think about what you will do if your car does not work. You might need a battery that does well in bad weather. To keep your car running well, use good oil. When it is winter, the oil becomes thicker. It can't do its job of starting your car.

If you are a golf fan, you might have the same problem with starting your car or making it function properly. To prevent this, you also have to test its batteries before and after use. 

The battery generates electrons via chemical reactions. The chemical reactions require heat, which slows down during the winter. Lots of electrons are needed to start a car. If a few electrons are created, it will not be enough to start a car.

In this case, the starter motor needs more power to work. The battery has to supply that power. As a result, the battery drains more quickly than it usually does.

However, in the winter, the starter motor isn't the only thing that draws power from the battery. We generally use our windshield wipers, heaters, or headlights during the winter. These items too require electricity. Suppose you have other equipment like a radio, an audio system, or a plug in your phone while driving. In that case, the car's battery will deplete even more quickly.

If your automobile's battery is brand new, it might not be an issue. However, as your battery gets older and less capable of holding a charge, problems with cold will begin to surface.

The Advantages of Using a Car Battery in Extreme Weather

Car batteries that are made for winter are different than regular batteries. They have the advantage of not having to stop working in the winter.

  • During cold weather, regular batteries can freeze. But some batteries for the winter are made to resist the cold.
  • Unlike standard batteries, these batteries have enough power to start the engine and withstand the cold.
  • In the winter, turning on a vehicle with cold-weather batteries takes only a few seconds. Regular batteries may take a long time to charge.
  • Winter batteries charge fast and last longer.
  • Winter batteries are made to provide enough power for other winter-related needs, such as heaters and seat warmers.
  • You can store your regular battery for later use.
  • The List of the Best Cold Weather Car Batteries

  • The XS Power Battery with Terminal Bolt
  • Kinetic Black Power Cell Battery
  • Optima Dual-Purpose Battery
  • Optima Deep Cycle Marine Battery
  • Starting Battery Optima Red Top
  • The Delphi Max Start AGM Premium Automotive Battery
  • Battery for Odyssey LTV
  • Professional AGM Automotive Battery by AC Delco
  • Exide Edge AGM Sealed Automotive Battery
  • The Best Automotive Batteries: A Detailed Comparison

    There are a lot of car batteries. Some will not work in the winter. Here are a few recommendations for the best car batteries to resist cold weather.

    XS Power Battery Terminal Bolt

    The XS Power D6500 is a powerful machine. It is suitable for use in automotive, truck, and marine applications. It has a CCA 1000.

    This battery is sealed, and it has a glass mat that does not let the electrolyte move. This makes the battery more secure from leakage. Because the battery may be put in any location, you will have to clean up less frequently.

    The internal resistance of AGM batteries is quite low. It has the ability to continually supply a large amount of current. This type of battery is also quite light. They go a very long time without charging. This battery starts quickly compared to other batteries. The audio system can use up a lot of power, which makes the lights dim, which is unlikely with this type of battery.


    • There is no voltage drop.
    • No leakage issues.
    • Mountable
    • Powerful


    • more expensive than standard batteries

    Odyssey Vehicle Battery

    This battery has a CCA of 950 and is a deep-cycle battery. You may use this battery even if it is cold outside, because it will not stop working. It gives your electronics power for a long time, but does not give power all at once, as a regular car battery would.

    This battery is a military-grade design. It is resistant to extreme vibration and temperature. This means it will last longer than other batteries, which are not as strong because the plates are thin.

    This design is sturdy. Cleaning the battery terminals is not necessary very often. However, even if the battery is leakproof, it cannot be installed in an upside-down position.

    This battery takes less time to recharge than other batteries. It simply takes four to six hours to fully charge this battery.


    • High CCA
    • Fast charging
    • Leakproof and sturdy


    • The warranty claim process can be stressful.
    • There have only been a few reported cases of battery failure.

    Kinetic Black Power Cell Battery

    If you want a good and not very expensive battery, this one could be the best. This one costs less money, but there is also a bad thing about it. Because it has CCA 550, it cannot withstand extreme cold very well. However, it is simple to use in a mild cold.

    This battery is one of the best to use when starting your car. It supports an audio system of up to 1200W and has a long life before it needs charging again.

    The design is spill-proof. Because the cells are close together, they can produce a higher voltage. This battery can be used in any tiny car.

    This battery discharges faster than most AGM batteries. For best performance, charge it often.


    • The cost is reasonable.
    • The design is compact.
    • It's simple to set up.


    • Not recommended for oversized vehicles.
    • It won't be suitable for extremely cold weather.

    Optima Dual-Purpose Yellow Top Battery

    Optima is known for its high quality. The battery is the best battery for winter times, and it has a CCA of 620. It excels at both the deep cycle and the starting process.

    AGM batteries are designed to keep the battery safe. They also have spiral cells, meaning that the parts inside the battery do not move. This is good for rough roads because there will be no electricity leaks. AGM batteries are good for people living in cold climates because they resist the cold weather.

    The battery is safe because it has a hard, yellow top that will not melt if the battery gets too hot. This material doesn't burn either. Polypropylene melts at 270°F, so it will hardly melt.


    • Two battery purposes
    • Safe and protected battery life
    • Sturdy and leakproof
    • Heat resistant


    • The process of submitting a claim for a warranty is time-consuming.

    Optima Deep Cycle Marine Battery

    This Optima blue-top battery is known as a marine battery. The battery can start your car, but it also has a deep cycle battery. This battery is good for cold weather, and it can last for 120 minutes. It can withstand 15 times the amount of vibration as other batteries. The best part about this battery is that, due to its longevity, you may use it in any position.

    This battery has a spiral cell. This means that the lead plates are covered with lead oxide. The oxidized plates are clean, and it also monitors the humidity, temperature, and other automated processes.


    • Proven for extreme climates.
    • maintenance-free
    • Clean power


    • It must be handled properly.
    • Some reviews say the battery is not charging.

    Starting Battery Optima Red Top

    This battery is good for big vehicles. It is called a starting battery, and it has 800 CCA. If your car does not start, this can make it work again, even if the weather is cold.

    This battery has a two-fold life span compared to ordinary batteries. It doesn't need any maintenance and has clean power. This battery is strong and can resist vibration. It can stay in the process for a long time. Automated processes are important here, and the battery can do that. It also has 100 minutes of reserve capacity.


    • weather-resistant
    • Mountable in any position
    • Clean power
    • leak and spill-proof.


    • Warranty claims are troublesome.
    • After a few years, it may lose its ability to hold a charge.

    Delphi Max Start AGM Premium Automotive Battery

    This battery is designed to have a longer cycle life. Because it has 800 CCA, this battery is simple to use. This battery can be placed in different positions and it is 20 times more vibration resistant than regular flooded batteries.

    It has a safe design. There is no chance of it leaking. This means the car needs less maintenance because there are no leaks. The car can hold 140 minutes' worth of gas in case you have to drive for a long time.

    The housing is airtight and has a ventilation system. The battery is made of corrosion-resistant metal that has been compressed with a compound compression process.


    • Emergency ready
    • Recharge is faster than other batteries.
    • Vibration resistant casing


    • It is difficult to lift and move.
    • It may not last a long time.
    • No overcharging

    Odyssey LTV Lithium-Ion Battery

    This battery is made specifically for electric vehicles. The CCA 330 means that it cannot work in extremely cold weather. It should work in different temperatures, but not in extremely low temperatures.

    This battery is protected from shock or vibration. It will last a long time. The battery lasts for three to ten years, and it does not leak or break down. It also releases less energy with each use, which is good for the environment.

    The battery is small and light. It is designed to recharge quickly and takes a long time before it needs to be recharged again.


    • Can work both in hot and cold temperatures.
    • Vibration resistant casing
    • Fast charging


    • It cannot be mounted.
    • CCA Low

    Professional AGM Automotive Battery by AC Delco

    The battery is made to last and not overheat. It contains a high-density paste that makes it durable and helps with its performance. The grid has calcium lead, which increases conductivity and helps with lower resistance.

    This battery has a high CCA. It performs well in the cold without any problems. It has a strong separator that prevents shorts and allows for good acid circulation, which keeps the battery cool; all of these things make this battery last longer.

    This battery has an AGM design and a vent cap. This will prevent acid from leaking. This is a moderately priced battery with a shorter life span than other batteries offered at the store.


    • High CCA
    • Leakproof
    • Budget-friendly


    • Low durability
    • Issues with older cars

    Edge AGM Sealed Automotive Battery by Exide

    This AGM battery has a CCA of 710. It means that it will not leak, even if you drop it. The battery can be used for heavy work.

    This battery beat the other batteries. This means it can work for heavy stop-and-go traffic, demanding a lot of electricity.

    A higher CCA means that the battery does well in cold weather. It also lasts 120 minutes.


    • Sturdy
    • can withstand pressure
    • AGM design


    • Low life span
    • Quality is cheaper.

    Different Types of Car Batteries

    There are many different types of batteries. They are used in cars and other vehicles. All three of these types are discussed below.

    Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Batteries (SLI)

    This type of battery is the most common type in cars. It can power up a car's lights and ignition. A wet cell battery is another name for this type of battery. SLI batteries were previously known as short-charge batteries. They charge and discharge in a shorter amount of time. When the car needs a burst of power, such as when starting it up, SLI batteries provide it. There are six cells in this sort of battery. Each cell has a voltage of roughly 2 volts, and the battery has a total voltage of 12 volts.

    Batteries made of lithium-ion (Li-ion).

    The use of lithium-ion batteries is growing in popularity. But not all cars can use them. They are the future, though, because they hold many charges, which is also why hybrids and electric cars use them more.

    These batteries are powerful but lightweight. The only drawback is that they only live for a limited time. A battery can last for about three years.

    Lead-Acid Batteries

    Lead-acid batteries are used in cars. They give power for a short time to start the car. However, they can also be utilized to power other devices. Dry cell and wet cell batteries are the two types of lead-acid batteries.

    Wet cells are batteries with an electrolyte that consists of water and sulfuric acid. The electrolyte in a dry cell is a gel or solid, sealed.

    Final Thoughts    

    When the weather is cold, it can damage your battery. A mechanic can tell you if you need a new battery for the cold weather. You should buy a new one to avoid any winter problems if you do.

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    FAQs About Car Batteries

    What is the optimal temperature for storing a car battery?

    During cold weather, it takes twice the current to start a vehicle. At 35°F, the battery loses 35% of its power. At 0°F, it drops even more: 60%.

    Is a car battery's life shortened by the cold?

    In cold weather, the chemicals inside a battery go slower. This can make it hard for a battery to do its job. The result is that batteries might not work as well in cold weather if they're not high-quality.

    Is it true that the cold weather saps the life of a car battery?

    When the weather is cold, the chemical reaction in batteries slows down. Because of that, you need to give your battery twice as much current. This can cause problems with your battery and shorten how long it lasts.

    How do you warm up your car battery in the cold season?

    Clear your vehicle of any snow or ice. Remove the battery and keep it in your garage. To avoid becoming stuck while driving, start the engine before you go.

    Is the cold bad for batteries?

    Yes, cold weather is bad for car batteries. Cold temperatures make it hard for a battery's chemical reaction to happen. This makes the battery need more power to start the engine. When there is extra pressure on the battery, it can affect it.

    How many cold cranking amps do I require in the winter?

    The Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) is a measurement that indicates how well your vehicle can start in cold weather. The higher the CCA, the better for chilly temperatures. 650 CCA is sufficient for average winter conditions. More than 800 CCA will be ideal in extremely cold conditions.

    Can a car not be able to start because of the cold?

    In extremely cold temperatures, the oil thickens and does not flow freely. Concentrated oil might cause a blockage. As a result, the automobile may not start.

    Do you need a special battery for cold weather?

    A battery with 650 CCA (cold cranking amps) is good for a cold climate. If you want to start your car in any weather, you should get an 800 CCA battery.

    Are car batteries OK in the cold?

    Car batteries don't like the cold. The colder it gets, the weaker they are. If it's really cold, say below -10 F, your car battery will freeze even if charged before the temperature drops.

    Are AGM batteries better in the cold?

    They are winterizing your AGM battery. Batteries can freeze if it's cold enough, but AGM batteries can work well in cold weather. Even though AGM batteries are maintenance-free and work well in the winter, you should still check and maintain them during that time - just like other parts, such as tires, engine, as well as testing the fuse

    Do you need to start your car every day in cold weather?

    Do not start your car in cold weather. Experts say it is better to wait until you are ready to drive. This way, you will save gas and keep the engine from freezing.

    Is a higher CCA battery better?

    The higher the number, the better. This means that it stores more power. But if you live in a cold location, you should consider how often your car will get cold. If you live in a hot climate, you do not need as much CCA.

    How do I protect my car battery in cold weather?

    It is hard to keep your car charged when it is cold. Park inside your garage, so the wind does not blow on it. Turn on accessories after you start the car and turn them off again. This will keep the battery charged. Keep rocks, dirt, etc., away from the battery by cleaning them often and checking for problems before winter comes.

    How do I avoid my battery freezing?

    When it's cold outside, it's essential to ensure that the battery has plenty of water. A low water level can make the battery freeze. You should keep your batteries charged up.

    What temperature kills a car battery?

    When it is freezing cold, cars are more difficult to start. This is because the chemical reaction happening inside your car battery slows down. This also means that the battery does not hold as much power at 32°F or below.

    At what temperature does an AGM battery freeze?

    The electrolyte in a fully charged battery will freeze at around -80F (-62C).

    Why do AGM batteries have less CCA?

    AGM stands for "absorbent glass mat." Some batteries have an AGM battery. This kind of battery is different because it does not have any liquid, so if it is broken, the liquid won't spill out. The acid stays in boron silicate mats between lead plates, which are close together in the battery. This means that when you start up a car during cold weather, your vehicle will start faster because of this design.

    Is an AGM battery worth the extra money?

    These batteries are better than the other types of batteries. They last a long time, and you do not need to spend a lot on them like you would if you always needed to replace a battery.