The Best Circular Saws on the Market Today

When you need the power and safety of a table saw, but you don’t have space, or you need to be able to move it around easily, then you should use a circular saw. Circular saws are really useful for people who do work on-site. They’re also suitable for cutting big boards that would be hard to handle with a fixed saw.

Finding a circular saw that can do everything you need can be challenging. That is why we have put together this list of in-depth reviews. We have looked at every significant brand of circular saw available today. After testing all of them, we are confident that by reading this guide, you will be able to find the best Circular saw for your needs.

The 10 Best Circular Saws

If you are a professional contractor or a DIY home renovator, a circular saw will help you to complete any woodworking project. A circular saw can cut wood for door frames, roof beams, new floors, and furniture.

1. DeWalt DWE575SB Circular Saw

DeWalt is a company that makes very powerful tools that last a long time. They have a good reputation because their tools are very well-made and tough.

The DWE575SB circular saw is a small but powerful option that is perfect for any job site. With a weight of just under 9 pounds, it is simple to use its 5200 RPM blade in sizing boards. An integrated dust blower adds to its cutting power and efficiency by keeping every cut clean of debris.

The ToughCord system prevents cords from coming out while you are working. It has an electric brake and ball-bearing lower guard to make the saw smooth when you pull it back. It is helpful if you are working in a dusty environment.

The DeWalt circular saw is an excellent example of a circular saw. It is lightweight but still powerful and durable.


  • Powerful 5200 RPM
  • Lightweight and easy to use (8.8 pounds)
  • Integrated dust blower
  • ToughCord system prevents cord pullouts
  • Electric brake
  • Ball-bearing lower guard


  • Vibrations due to its lighter weight make it poorly suited to precision cuts
  • High investment cost

2. SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

If you are a new homeowner or do not have a lot of experience with woodworking, you may need to cut larger boards to size. A table saw can be expensive, but there are other options.

The SKIL circular saw is a great budget option. It is lightweight, coming in at only 7 pounds. It makes it easy to guide through any cut you need to make. It also has a powerful 15-amp motor that provides a top blade speed of 5300 RPM, which is more than enough for any home woodworking project.

The SKIL 5280-01 is a good saw for beginners. It has a dust blower to keep the cut line clean and free of sawdust and debris. It allows you to see the line more clearly and make cleaner cuts. The integrated laser sight is not very accurate, but it is still a nice feature. In summary, this saw is excellent value for the money.


  • Excellent power for the price
  • The blade is easy to change
  • Super lightweight
  • Dust blower helps with visibility and accuracy
  • Guarded trigger prevents accidental startups


  • A laser guide is not the most accurate
  • The depth adjustment lever is sticky and hard to use

3. Makita Magnesium 7¼” Circular Saw

The Makita 5007Mg Magnesium circular saw is a powerful and accurate saw that is perfect for tough jobs. It is also exact and efficient. However, it comes with a high price tag.

Makita’s circular saw is designed with magnesium components, making it more powerful than any other we reviewed. It only adds negligible weight, so you won’t have to increase the saw’s weight to allow for greater power and durability.

The Makita has a 15-amp motor that delivers an exceptional 5800 RPM blade speed. It makes it an excellent choice for cuts that other saws have trouble with. It also never skips a beat or slows down, making it easy to use for long periods. Plus, it only weighs ten and a half pounds, minimizing hand and shoulder fatigue.

The two built-in LED lights increase cut visibility and allow for an integrated dust blower, making it easy to measure and precisely cut every time. Therefore, it is a fantastic choice if you’re looking to invest in the best Circular sad.


  • The highest power output of any circular saw in our review (5800 RPM)
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Built-in lights and dust blower make precise cuts much easier


  • Expensive

4. TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Circular saws are a type of saw that can be used for different purposes. There are two types of circular saws- the handheld and the traditional. The traditional circular saw is bigger and more powerful than the handheld one. However, the handheld one is more portable and easier to use, which makes it ideal for beginners.

The TACKLIFE circular saw has a fold-out metal handle that makes it easier to use and safer. It has a top speed of 3500 RPM, so you will need to take any more significant cuts slowly. But the 5.8-amp motor delivers enough power to get the job done. The built-in laser guide significantly increases the TACKLIFE’s cut precision.

In short, handheld circular saws are lighter, more portable, and more convenient than traditional circular saws. However, they have less cutting power.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • The fold-out metal handle makes operation safe and accurate
  • An integrated laser guide helps to make precise cuts
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for small projects


  • Less powerful than traditional circular saws
  • Not intended for heavy use

5. Genesis 4 Amp 4½” Compact Circular Saw

The Genesis GCS445SE is a great circular saw because it is both portable and convenient. It also costs less than other circular saws, making it perfect for simple home improvement and yard work jobs. If you don’t need the higher power and weight of a traditional circular saw, this more compact style of saw is perfect for you.

A 4-amp motor provides a blade speed of 3500 RPM – enough for small projects but not for heavy-duty operation. Instead, its compact and lightweight design is perfect for DIY projects and first-time woodworkers.

The Genesis saw it is excellent for simple DIY projects and household repairs. It has depth and bevel controls that make it easy to do bevels, rip cuts, and crosscuts.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use 1-handed operation
  • Great for use on smaller projects
  • Excellent price


  • Not intended for heavy-duty work
  • Only compatible with Genesis brand blades

6. GALAX 5800 RPM Circular Saw

This Circular saw from GALAX is one of the most powerful options available today for the price. It has a maximum speed of 5800 RPM, which is powerful enough to use on hardwoods and laminates. Although it has a 10-amp motor, which is powerful for its category, it may not be strong enough for long days of heavy work.

The adjustments for both cutting depth and bevel on the GALAX are smooth and easy, and it’s a versatile tool that can be used for various tasks. A double-trigger safety operation prevents unintended startups, while a dust blower and parallel guides increase cut accuracy.

Overall, the GALAX is an excellent saw that is only hampered by its somewhat low-amp motor.


  • Excellent 5800 RPM blade speed
  • Reliable double-trigger safety system
  • Easily adjustable bevel and cutting depth settings
  • Integrated dust blower and guides increase cutting accuracy


  • Underpowered 10-amp motor
  • Plastic construction is not durable
  • Splintering from the stock blade

7. Bosch CS10 Circular-Saw

The Bosch CS10 is an excellent example of a “middle of the road” circular saw. It is not as powerful as the most expensive saws but is more powerful than cheaper saws. It is also more durable than less expensive saws.

This Bosch power saw has a 15 amp motor with a blade speed of 5600 RPM. It is built to withstand harsh working conditions. The magnesium footplate and anti-snag lower guard keep it running well. It also weighs just over 10 pounds, which reduces hand and shoulder fatigue.

If you are looking for a saw that is more affordable than some of the more expensive models but still offers good performance, the Bosch should be your top choice!


  • Excellent combination of power, durability, and price
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Lightweight and easy on the hands and shoulders


  • More expensive than budget-priced models
  • Not as powerful as premium price models

8. Meterk 7-1/2” Circular Saw

The Meterk Circular saw seems like a good tool for the price. It has a 15-amp motor, laser guide, integrated blade guard, and built-in dust outlet. But upon closer examination, we have found some problems with it that we are not happy with.

This saw has a 15-amp motor, but it is not as powerful as some other saws we have looked at. The laser guide is inaccurate, and the dust outlet is not very good. For these reasons, we recommend choosing a different saw.


  • High amperage motor


  • Low RPM makes for difficult cuts
  • The laser guide is not accurate enough
  • Dust outlet has to be used with a hose

9. TACKLIFE 4700 RPM Circular Saw

The TACKLIFE Advanced circular saw is one of the least expensive in this review. It produces good power and accuracy for the price. However, it can’t compete with our top picks on sheer cutting power or durability.

The 12.5-amp motor on this saw is suitable for most woods and plastics, but it may have trouble with harder metals than aluminum. It weighs slightly more than the other models on our list.

The integrated laser guide and rip fence help you make precise cuts quickly. It also has a double safety switch, which makes it an excellent value-priced option if our top pick is unavailable.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Laser guide and rip fence are exceptionally accurate
  • Double safety switch prevents workplace injuries


  • Underpowered
  • The heavier design makes it challenging to use for a whole day
  • Not as long-lasting as more expensive models

10. Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw

The Makita XSS02Z circular saw is a good choice because it is one of the cordless circular saws available. However, we are not sure if the cordless technology is strong enough to do the job that a circular saw like this is supposed to do.

The Makita XSS02Z produces a maximum power output of 3700 RPM. Compared to other products in its category, this number is quite low. As a result, it is not well suited for anything outside of small home improvement projects. Despite its high price tag, it doesn’t offer enough power.

Even though we thought not needing a cord would be worth the extra expense, this saw turned out to be less powerful than we wanted. Since it starts with less power than we would have liked, the decrease in power as the battery runs out is unacceptable. In conclusion: Choose corded circular saws.


  • A cordless circular design is convenient for small projects.


  • Expensive
  • Underpowered
  • Batteries (sold separately) are proprietary and expensive


This worm-drive circular saw from SKIL will give you more torque than a sidewinder circular saw. That will let you cut through denser materials. The copper wiring in the motor helps keep the saw running more excellent, which is essential for professionals who work all day. This model also has an anti-snag guard to prevent the guard from getting caught while you cut.

The worm drive design offers 5,300 RPMs under no load. This may be a bit underwhelming, but it is not surprising because of the worm drive build. The higher price point is due to the worm drive build, which may make it out of reach if you work with a small budget.


  • It weighs 11.6 pounds, which is impressive for a worm-drive circular saw
  • Copper wiring throughout the motor build keeps the saw cooler
  • Anti-snag guard design prevents the guard from getting caught when cutting thin panels


  • It offers only 5,300 RPMs under no load
  • Higher price point due to the worm drive build


This cordless model delivers 4,000 RPMs. This is a fair speed for a battery-powered product. It uses a bevel guide with positive stops at various angles in construction and home DIY projects. Taking an inch off the blade size drops the price point of this model. That will allow budget-minded users to afford this circular saw without being too small for their needs.

This circular saw has an over-molded handle, making it more comfortable to use. This could be important if you have to make a lot of cuts or if they are long cuts. It is also easy to adjust and use, making it a good choice for someone new to power tools or intimidated by circular saws.

The materials used for this saw are lighter and not as durable. They may be more likely to crack or snap and transfer more vibration as you cut. Additionally, while the 6.5-inch blade is more significant than other compact circular saw sizes, it still lacks the depth of cut of a 7.5-inch blade. That is worth considering since this saw is farther away than a 4.5-inch one.

But despite all this, this one makes our list of the best budget circular saws because it is affordable and has some good features.


  • Low price point
  • Over-molded handle provides extra comfort
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Great for beginners


  • Less durable build
  • Inferior cut depth when compared with 7.5-inch circular saws


This compact saw design might be ideal for more minor cuts and thin stock. The 4.5-inch blade can make clean crosscuts and shorter rip cuts on softwoods without bogging down. Its budget-friendly price allows even a novice to consider it their first circular saw purchase.

This saw model is small and lightweight. This can be advantageous if your DIY project or job site needs you to work in tight places or awkward positions above your head. You can efficiently work with one hand due to this saw model’s size and 4.4-pound weight, which can sometimes increase your workflow.

This compact circular saw has some drawbacks. It can only cut through 1 11/16-inches when beveled at 90 degrees. That means it can’t only be used for small projects. It also has a low speed of 3,500 RPMs. That means it can only be used to cut through a few materials smoothly.


  • Low weight and small profile
  • Can be easily operated with one hand
  • Very low price tag


  • Can only cut through 1 11/1116-inches at 90 degrees
  • It can only generate 3,500 RPMs under no load

14. Milwaukee M18 2630-20

The magnesium guards on this saw’s upper and lower parts help protect it from accidents and heavy use. That is an advantage on construction sites, and it will allow this circular saw to last for a long time in most woodworkers’ shops. You might be surprised by this product’s weight – it comes in at just over eight pounds on a battery unit.

The manufacturer includes a second battery with your purchase. This will let you use one while the other is charging. This saw is of great value because it is battery-powered. The second battery makes it even better.

The shoe or base plate of this saw is made from aircraft aluminum. This makes it very strong and light. However, there are some problems with the saw. There may be gaps in the seams of the two halves of many components. This means that the parts may need to fit together better and could come apart over time. They also saw only generates 3,500 RPMs. This might seem slow compared to other saws.


  • Replacement battery included with the purchase
  • Good price for a cordless model
  • Base plate is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum


  • The seams on the two halves of many components may have gaps in them
  • Limited to 3,500 RPMs


The DeWALT cordless circular saw has a brushless motor design and a 20-volt max battery. This allows it to generate 5,200 RPMs. This is a good speed for a cordless circular saw, and you should note that it can handle a workload well. The 20V Max platform also allows you to use the batteries with multiple DeWALT power tools, which is convenient since you won’t have to spend money on new batteries every time you buy a new device.

DeWALT’s cordless circular saw has a brushless motor. That means it will have fewer parts that could break down, which could tell it lasts longer. This saw provides an 18-volt platform due partly to the 20-volt maximum charge the battery platform offers.

The battery should allow you to run for a more extended period between charges. This means that you can make more cuts before the saw dies.

Unfortunately, the battery is not included in this model. This means you need to buy a battery and charger if you want to use this saw. The price of this saw is higher when you consider that you have to buy the battery separately. This could be a shock to your wallet if you were not prepared for the extra purchase


  • Brushless motor
  • Battery platform provides 20-volt maximum charge
  • A larger battery allows for longer runs between charges


  • Battery must be purchased separately
  • High price

16. Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw

The Makita 5477NB hypoid saw is a circular one different from the regular worm drive circular saw. The hypoid gear increases the contact surface between the bags, which results in more torque being transmitted to the blade.

This saw is ideal if you often work with dimensional and engineered lumber. This type of lumber is used for things like plywood, OSB, LVL, and more. If you are looking for a saw to help you build a deck, frame a building, roof a building, or even build a hardwood floor, then I suggest using the Makita 5477NB.


  • Features a very long cord suitable for jobsite use.
  • Hypoid gearing produces more torque.
  • Ideal for working with dimensional and engineered lumber.
  • Blade change is straightforward, equipped with a push-button spindle lock.
  • Base plate is rust resistant.
  • Very quality build. You’ll surely complete many projects with this one.


  • No smooth, gradual start. It starts with a kick. Can mess up the start of your cut line if not held steady enough.

17. Bosch CSW41

The Bosch CSW41 is a powerful tool designed to rip through wood quickly and easily. It is made with high-quality parts that are engineered to last. The gear housing and shoe plate are constructed from magnesium metal, which is rugged and lightweight compared to other metals and also resistant to corrosion. The worm gearing ensures that the saw has enough torque to cut through any wood quickly and easily.

This saw is perfect for cutting lumber used in framing, roofing, and decking. It can handle all of your home improvement projects.


  • Boasts incredible power to cut through different types of wood.
  • Build quality is top-notch.
  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • It has a large cutting capacity


  • The saw’s weight is the only cause for concern.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Circular Saw

Because circular saws are so versatile, you must consider what projects you will use them for. If you do much carpentry work or need a saw for challenging tasks, you will want a powerful and durable saw that can handle ripping hardwoods. But suppose you only need a saw for simple DIY projects around the house. In that case, there are also less expensive options available.

If you’re unsure what to use a circular saw for, watch this video introduction to circular saws from Make: Magazine. It will explain the basics of using a circular saw and staying safe. Even experienced woodworkers might find this video helpful as a refresher.

When using your circular saw for any project, there are a few things you should always keep in mind. It will help you choose the best Circular saw for your needs.


You will need a circular saw with enough cutting power for your projects. For example, a smaller handheld model will be fine if you trim and craft projects. But if you are doing carpentry projects and need to cut hardwood boards to size, you will need a more robust saw.

The motor’s amperage and the RPM determine the power of a circular saw. A high-end circular saw will have a motor with 15 amps and rotate at up to 5,500 RPM, which is enough power to handle even the most difficult jobs.


There is a weight that is perfect for circular saws. If the saw is too light, it will cause more vibrations and be harder to use. If the saw is too heavy, it will be hard to carry and wear you out. Our favorite circular saws weigh between 8 and 10 pounds. People of various sizes can use them.

Safety Features

Alternatives to table saws include the miter saw and the circular saw. They ought to be equipped with the same preventative safeguards as table saws. A long-lasting blade guard, an electric brake, and an ignition safety switch are all included in this package. Always choose circular saws with these features to stay safe while working on wood projects.

Ease of Adjustments

Circular saws can be used to cut through different materials. That includes hard and soft woods, plastics, and metals. Each material will need an extra blade to make safe and accurate cuts.

When choosing a circular saw, pick one that is easy to adjust. It will save you time and hassle when cutting different materials. Look for saws with the tools you need to change the blade, and avoid those with proprietary blade designs that limit your choice of blades.


Durability is the primary difference between more expensive power tools and their cheaper counterparts. More costly tools are made to last longer. You might think the more expensive tool has more power, but that is not always the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Circular Saw

Why Are Worm Drive Saws Better?

Longer handles between the blade and the handle help you reach further when cutting. It is helpful when cutting sheet goods. Worm drive saws also have larger gear teeth which can carry more weight. It provides more power but also makes the saw heavier.

How Much Does a Good Circular Saw Cost?

Most circular saws cost between $40 and $450. The price of a circular saw depends on how powerful it is, what brand it is, the size of the saw blade, and any additional features.

What’s the Difference Between a Skill Saw and a Circular Saw?

Skill saws are circular saws. It means they all have circular blades that spin to cut through wood. However, not all circular saws are skill saws. Circular saws can be gas-powered, have sidewinder or hypoid designs, and even be attached to radial arms, which skill saws aren’t usually.

Can a 7 1 4 Circular Saw Cut a 4×4?

When using a standard circular saw with a seven ¼” blade, you can only cut 2 ½” deep. You must make multiple passes if you want to cut through a 4×4. If your cuts are not aligned perfectly, they can have an ugly finish. There are ways to prevent this, however.

Is a Worm Drive Circular Saw Better?

The longer the handle on a saw, the further you can reach when cutting. It is helpful when you are cutting across a piece of wood. Worm drive saws also have more giant gears that can carry more weight. It means they have more power, but they are also heavier.