The Best Bench Power Supply for Your Needs

The Best Bench Power Supply for Your Needs

A bench power supply is a helpful tool for working with circuits. It can be beneficial to have multiple power supplies if you have numerous projects or components that you are working on simultaneously. However, you can test different circuits without worrying about changing the voltage with a bench power supply. This product provides users with a reliable source of power that is adjustable.

It would be best to consider several things before investing in a new bench power supply. The first is the maximum voltage and current the power supply can provide. It would help if you also thought about what projects you will use it for and how much power they need. Make sure that the bench power supply can handle most, if not all, of your projects. When comparing products, look at the DC power envelope to determine.

Bench power supplies come in two types: switch-mode and linear. Switch-mode power supplies are lighter and more compact than linear ones, making them more portable. However, linear power supplies create less electrical noise, so they are better for powering analog devices which can be very sensitive. Bench power supplies can also have one or more output channels.

A single output device is usually good enough if you only need to use one output. These are typically more affordable as well. However, if you need to use different supplies simultaneously, you should consider a multiple output device. Beginners may want to consider a unit with a current limiting control function.

This optional feature allows you to set a specific current to protect your components. Budget will likely be a factor for many users. So make sure you understand the pros and cons of each product to ensure you do not let a price tag force you into a unit that will not work for your needs.

Now that you know more about what to look for in a bench power supply, we have some of our top favorites for you to consider. Remember, while specifications and reviews are necessary, consider your requirements too.

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Eventek KPS305D Adjustable Power Supply

Yescom 4330213628 Power Supply

Korad KD3005D Digital Control Power Supply

Tekpower TP3005T Variable Linear DC Power Supply

Top 7 Best Bench Power Supply

1. Eventek KPS305D Adjustable Power Supply

TheEventek KPS305Dis, a switch-mode bench power supply, is a small, light unit that can be taken with you if needed. It provides accurate DC voltages between zero and 30V at currents ranging from zero to 5A. The KPS305D is equipped with four rotary dials. Two coarse dials allow you to change the power supply swiftly. And the other two delicate dials aid in making minor adjustments to the power source. This power supply also has several protections: an intelligent cooling fan, high current limiting, voltage overload prevention, and short circuit prevention.


  • The 30V output should be more than enough for most projects. The KPS305D is very accurate, so most users agree that this bench power supply provides ample power consistently. Many were impressed to get this power out of a compact unit.
  • This power supply has safety and protection features worth the investment. One user even claimed that you would have to try to damage this power supply to get around its protective qualities.


  • The digital readings are rounded to the nearest tenth. The user manual is not well written. Someone new to using a bench power supply may need to find additional references for operating instructions, which better explain how to use this device. However, a seasoned bench power supply user will find it easy to operate. Shut down also takes longer than expected, which is inconvenient for some people.

2. Yescom 4330213628 Power Supply

The Yescom bench power supply is a switch-mode device of about nine pounds. People can choose if they want it to be a constant voltage, constant current device, or both. This bench power supply comes with intelligent fan cooling, just like the Event.

Yescom’s power supply has a continuous adjustable DC output between zero and 30V and a current from zero to 10A. This unit also has several protection features. If the power supply goes over voltage, the open circuit protection will turn on. If it gets too hot, the over-temperature protection will activate. 


  • This power supply has features that make it durable. The steel case, intelligent fan, and OVP, OCP, and OTP will help it last longer under different workloads. It should be able to power most of your projects without failing.


  • People have said that this bench power supply is unsuitable for delicate projects. The current and voltage limiting features create a noisy output that can fluctuate by a volt or two. In addition, the included test leads are not of good quality. You will likely need to replace these with better-quality ones.

3. Korad KD3005D Digital Control Power Supply

The Korad KD3005D is a linear power supply. It means it gives a steady stream of power rather than a burst like some other power supplies. It has two settings: 0-30 volts at 0-5 amps. It also weighs eleven pounds, making it one of the heavier models. This power supply is suitable for single devices with low ripple and noise and highly accurate voltage and current outputs.


  • The KD3005D lets users control the power supply digitally. The encoder makes it easy to change the power supply continuously. Plus, the LED screen makes it simple to read the power supply’s settings. The cooling fan is also at the back of the power supply, which helps to cool internal components more efficiently. This power supply also has a grounding connection, which is not common in bench power supplies.


  • Although many users say this product is accurate for readings above 1V, the margin of error increases significantly for lower tasks, from 0 to 700mV.

4. Tekpower TP3005T Variable Linear DC Power Supply

The Tekpower TP3005T is a popular bench power supply. It is considered “compact” because it weighs only twelve pounds, lighter than some of the smaller switch-mode power supplies. This bench power supply can provide a maximum DC output voltage of 30V and an output current range from 0A to 5A. It also comes with twenty-eight-inch test leads with alligator clips.

The backlit LED display on the TP3005T provides large, readable measurements. This power supply has two operational modes: constant voltage and constant current. It also includes a temperature sensor that activates the cooling fan automatically to help extend the life of your power supply. Two dials allow you to adjust the current or voltage to your desired levels easily. 


  • The Tekpower TP3005T is a power supply that is very powerful and also quiet. It is accurate and reliable by many users, from hobbyists to lab technicians.


  • Some users have recommended that you replace the banana plugs. The contact between the pins and springs may not be excellent, but it is an easy and relatively cheap fix. If you run the fan at more than 1A, it will start making noise.

5. Meter HY3005B DC Power Supply

The HY3005B power supply from Dr.Meter is a switch-mode device. It can provide two independent outputs up to 50V at 5A or a single output up to 100V at 5A. It can also switch between three modes: separate, series, and parallel.

This power supply can provide a single output of 50 volts at ten amps. The large, bright LED display provides users with high resolution, easy-to-read measurements, accurate to within a 2% deviation. Protective design features include overload protection circuits and state-of-the-art heat sinks. 


  • One of the best features of this power supply is the heat sinks. They help to get rid of noise and ripple. The clear, digital display is also easy to read. Plus, the construction is excellent and built to last.


  • The HY3005B does not allow for fine adjustments, unlike other units. The current and voltage appear to be set when running the actual circuit.

6. Pyramid PS15K Bench Power Supply

The Pyramid PS15K is a linear power supply used as a bench power supply. This power supply has a 13.8V DC output with a current up to 10A. It also has built-in electronic overload and short circuit protection. The included cooling fan and heat sink keep the PS15K from overheating.


  • The Pyramid PS15K is a popular bench power supply for people operating ham radios or similar electronics. People love how rugged it is.


  • The Pyramid PS15K does not have a digital display. Instead, it relies on two LED indicator lights to show whether it is in normal or protection mode. Some users have said that this device works for fifteen minutes at 100% capacity. They also say that the PS15K is meant for continuous currents at 70% of the advertised load rating.

7. Tripp Lite PR12 Power Supply

The Tripp Lite PR12 is another linear model. It has a 13.8V DC output, just like the Pyramid PS15K. This capacity of 12A, along with the solid-state integrated circuit, prevents voltage disruptions and overheating.

The Tipp Lite PR12 has several features that protect it from damage. These include a current limiting electronic fold back, a timer-controlled overcurrent protection, and a crowbar circuit. Additionally, the PR12 filters the AC power before converting it into a DC output. It makes the PR12 very quiet. 


  • The big transformer inside the thick gauge steel chassis is one of PR12’s most outstanding characteristics. Many users have praised its durability and reliability. Even after two years of use, one user said it was still their go-to power supply.


  • The PR12 does not let you control the voltage or current for each output. It might limit your ability to use it for some projects.


Bench power supplies allow you to test your ideas quickly. They also make your life easier. You can find a bench power supply that fits your needs by remembering your typical requirements.

Bench power supplies can help you test your electronic projects at different stages of development. They can also be a cheaper option when compared to the cost of multiple, individual power supplies. A bench power supply will make your life easier, whether you are a hobbyist who dabbles in electronics occasionally or a professional technician working in a lab.

Before you buy anything, make sure you’ve done your research. Reviews can help you understand what other people think about a product. This information can help you make your decision. Some people who use products like ham radios believe it is helpful to have a bench power supply that gives out a continuous flow of power without interruptions.

The Pyramid PS15K and Tripp Lite PR12 are two examples of this type of power supply. If you work on sensitive projects, you may want to get a linear unit with a heat sink. But if you are a mobile technician, you may want to get a lightweight, compact switch-mode power supply instead.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bench Power Supply

How Do I Choose a DC Power Supply?

When choosing an ac-dc power supply, the most important factor is figuring out how much power your system needs. It includes the ac input range and dc output specifications. Ensure that the power supply’s ac input voltage range is compatible with what you need it for and your target market.

Why Should We Get Bench Power Supply?

A bench power supply is standard equipment for electrical engineers and circuit designers. It provides DC voltage to a device under tests, such as a circuit board or product being validated.

What Can I Do With a Bench Power Supply?

A benchtop DC power supply is a piece of test equipment used by electrical engineers and circuit designers to power and tests their circuit system designs. It is usually used in the lab or the field.

What Is Lab Power Supply?

A lab power supply shows the current and voltage, so you can see what is happening. You can also set the current and voltage. A lab power supply also has valuable connections, so you can easily connect the circuit or load to it.

Do I Need AC or DC Power Supply?

There are two types of electricity: AC and DC. AC is a type of electricity that travels over long distances very quickly and is suitable for distribution through a grid system. DC provides a more reliable form of electricity, but it can’t travel as far as AC.

Can You Plug AC Into DC?

Each AC/DC power adapter is built to take a specific type of input (typically the standard output from a 120 V AC outlet in your home) and convert it to a separate DC output.

When Should I Use Bench Power Supply?

Bench power supplies are handy tools when testing circuits. They allow you to change the voltage on the fly, which can be helpful if you need a specific voltage or are still designing the power section of your project.

What Is Bipolar Power Supply?

A bipolar or four-quadrant power supply can provide positive or negative output voltage and source or sink current. It can work in any four quadrants on the coordinate system that shows voltage and current.