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Announcing the NEW Ability Meter 4a AUTOMATIC!


Ability 4a Meter

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  • The Ability Meter Model 4a takes advantage of state-of-the-art electronics to provide the highest quality available in biofeedback instrumentation.  This latest model, Ability Meter 4a, has enhancements to the electronics and incorporates a highly responsive microammeter (needle movement).

    The Ability Meter 4a was specially designed for solo (single hand double-electrode) use in psycho-therapeutic and personal development procedures.  It can also be used for one-to-one (two hand-held electrodes) with a client.  There are many situations in which it is extremely helpful to be able to detect the presence of emotionally charged, suppressed mental content just below or at the borders of subconsciousness.  Such things may adversely affect a persons happiness and behaviour.

    This is a tremendous aid in assessing which of many specific topics is most relevant to be treated and, at the same time, such material is also accessible and readily viewable by the subject.   This can save many hours of wasted searching and discussion.   When you have used an Ability Meter for a short time you will wonder how it is possible to be effective in developmental therapies without one!

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